Governor Rauner's Turnaround Agenda: What Illinois Needs

You have heard all the bad news statistics:

  • Chief Executive Magazine ranked Illinois 48th among top states for business;

  • We have the 7th highest workers’ compensation costs in the country;

  • We have the 9th highest unemployment insurance taxes in the country;

  • We have one of the worst lawsuit climates in the country, ranking 46th out of 50

  • We are last in job growth among our neighboring states; and

  • More than 94,000 Illinoisans moved out of state last year.

Now for the good news:
Governor Bruce Rauner has developed a comprehensive approach to fixing Illinois’ finances, repairing our jobs climate and restoring Illinois’ reputation as a national leader in economic growth.

Governor Rauner’s Turnaround Agenda will provide the kind of lift Illinois needs and the bold course change demanded by voters last November. It is vital for Illinoisans to take action in support of the agenda. Legislators must act!

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